If you are like me, the season which starts with fall and ends with New Years goes by so fast the thought of redecorating for each holiday brings on more stress than comfort.  

So, I offer this thought: Rather than reinvent the decorations for each holiday, why not simply add a little more color and bling as the holidays progress? I’m utilizing the door wreath for this example, but the theory could be done anywhere in the house. The key is to add on as opposed to take down and replace. Here’s how:

Choose a plain wreath. I chose this grass braid swag. But a wreath made of all bay leaves, all eucalyptus, all pine cones, grapevine, twigs or all magnolia would work as well. The best options are made of one solid material.


Just as fall begins to nip the air, hang the plain wreath.  Sometimes simplicity is just the thing. Have a jones to celebrate Halloween? Use two ribbons, one black, one white and use them back-to-back and tie the bow as if they are one. Trim the ends of the ribbons at an extra deep angle instead of the usual 45 degrees.


The day after Halloween, (or the next weekend day), switch to a pretty fall look. This rust colored ribbon with a basket weave texture is just beautiful. I chose to wind the ribbon into the center of the wreath before tying a pretty double bow. If desired, you can attach a single piece of artificial fruit such as this pomegranate. Look for decorative fruits at the craft store. They are very lightweight and usually come with a wire that can easily be anchored into your wreath or twisted into the ribbon. If the fruit does not have a wire hanger, create your own by drilling a small hole in the back and pushing a short piece of floral wire into it.


I love to collect “fruit pics”. These are small clusters of artificial fruit all gathered and held on a single wire with floral tape, available at craft stores and florist supplies. These pics are easily poked into your arrangement. Here are some of my favorites, but the options are endless.


Which brings us to the next and final phase of your seasonal wreath. Leave the fall ribbon on the wreath. Now take a rich red ribbon, and if you like, a handsome chartreuse one. Put them back-to-back and tie another big bow over the first. Then, using floral wire, poke and twist several pieces of fruit and fruit pics into the wreath. I love the look of pears among all the rich reds and purples of pomegranates, berries and even grapes. The result is a beautiful, lush tribute to the season that won’t look out of date the day after the holiday. Which is, of course, your greatest gift of all!



  1. Madelaine Conboy says:

    Very cool idea! I like to have all the holidays represented all year! why only one day for the fun stuff?
    Of course the Halloween spider web stuff looks a bit strange with the gold Christmas garland, maybe I’m missing something here!
    I could really use your creative touch!

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