BellaPamella Retro, Vintage, Old Fashioned, Classic Bib Aprons


All BellaPamella® aprons are made of 100% cotton fabrics. They are machine washable and dry-able. A slight amount of shrinkage has been allowed for in the designs.

You can treat your BellaPamella one of three ways:

Celebrate the wrinkles. After several washings our aprons are our old friends anyway. And don't most of our old friends have a wrinkle or two? Wash and dry your Bella on laundry day and stick it on your hook or in the drawer.

Spruce her up. Run an iron over your Bella, especially if you were ironing anyway. Some of us like the straps to be nice and smooth, and a steam iron will do the trick.

The cheapest therapy in town: Spray starch. Starch and iron your Bella, especially if it just doesn't seem like anything else wants to stay neat. Neatly fold her, and then empty the contents of the kitchen junk drawer in the trash and use it to house your perfectly perfect Bella Apron!

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