BellaPamella Retro, Vintage, Old Fashioned, Classic Bib Aprons


Rather than making you decide what size you are, each BellaPamella style is made in a single size that is either adjustable or versatile. The adult aprons are “one size fits most.” Eunice is the most size versatile, fitting approximately sizes 6 to 22. Katherine fits size 8 up to about 18-20. The Katy and Charlie aprons fit child's size 3 up to about child's size 5. And Clementine can fit girls size 5 to about 10 depending on how it is tied.

The Eunice apron offers three sewn “channels” through which to thread your apron strings. Choose the top channel for the shortest fit, the middle for medium height and the lowest for the longest-waisted:

Eunice shortest

Shortest Length

Eunice middle

Medium Length

Eunice longest

Longest Length

Once you’ve determined which channel is right for you, the rest is a cinch:

Eunice Pull

Pull strings tight

Eunice Bow

Tie a bow

The Katherine, Katy and Charlie styles have no adjustments, but are meant to simply hang on the body in a casual, but incredibly cute as well as practical way.

Katherine on woman
Katy on child
Charlie on child

Clementine will fit a child as small as five simply by tying the ends “tighter”. (The tie ends will hang longer, or can be bowed). The same apron will fit size ten by using less of the tie, in otherwords tying it “looser”. (The tie ends will hang shorter).

Clementine on 6-year-old

Clementine on 6-year-old

Clementine on 10-year-old

Clementine on 10-year-old

To fit the Clementine apron, simply tie the one shoulder strap to the opposite (cattie-corner) lower strap like shoelaces. When you find the right fit, center the knot so that the tabs are the same length. Then move to the other two opposite straps and tie them with the same amount of tab. Once the apron has been tied, there’s no need to untie it, just slip the arms out and lift over the head.

Clementine tying step 1

Center the knot so that the tabs are the same length

Clementine tying step 2

Secure the knot

Clementine tying step 3

Match the length when tying the other two tabs

Clementine tying step 4

Secure the knot

Clementine on smaller child

For a smaller apron, line up the ends of the tabs and tie in one knot, as tying the top of a garbage bag, then repeat with the other two tabs like this:
Child’s height: 47 in

Clementine on larger child

For a larger child, use the method above.
Child’s height: 55 1/2 in

Lucy Hair Snug fits most head sizes, child or adult. And the ends can be tied in a single or double knot. Experiment with your own style!

Lucy on 5 year old

Five years old

Lucy on 10 year old

Ten years old

Lucy on Adult