You may wonder why you need a To Do list if you already have a great day planner or calendar. But if you are like me, you have found that you really do need something more. I found that I had so many lists going on in my head and it seemed there was just no perfect way to organize them, so I designed my own solution. What I wanted was to have at my fingertips the ability to begin a variety of lists. There were things that needed to be done today, and then more things that needed to be done eventually. In between, there were things, not for today but by Friday, etc, you get the picture.

So I designed a nice, clean “To DO” list and now I’m sharing it with you so you can print out as many as makes you happy. At the top it says To Do: and a blank. You can print out seven of these and fill the blank with each day of the week. Or you can print out one that says today’s name at the top and one that says “By the weekend”. For your more lofty ideas you can put “Eventually” in the blank, or even “Before I die”. You can also use the heading of an event, like “Party” or “Thanksgiving”.

I’m giving you a choice of two sizes. One is a full page [Large To Do List] and the other is half size which will be printed two to a page, and can be cut apart [Small To Do List]. It’s my gift to you, print as many as you like. List to your heart’s content. And hopefully it will make you the organized Domestic Goddess you have always known you could be!

By the way, because technology is mysterious, and computers and printers vary, there is a chance that the above documents aren’t centered when printed. Try printing the Small To Do List above. If the center cut line is NOT in the center of the page, here are two more for you to try: [Large To Do List Alt] and [Small To Do List Alt]. Happy listing, and let me know how they came out!

2 Responses to “IDEA 8: TO DO LIST”

  1. Madelaine Conboy says:

    Just as you expected, the “To Do List” comes out just a bit too far to the left margin. “To Do List, Alt” is perfect! What a great idea!! That would make a swell package, or pad, and also a useful gift!
    The “To Do List” and the “To DO List, Alt” are both the same. I like that idea for planning Thanksgiving dinner, or any dinner, lots of space!
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. BellaPamella says:

    It seems if you are on a Mac, the regular “To-Do” Lists are best. If you are on a PC, the alt versions work. Thanks to everyone who wrote to help figure this out!

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