You could spend this month trying to keep all those resolutions you made. Or you could forget that, and just work on getting your kitchen drawers organized. I just love a well-organized drawer. It makes me feel just a little bit in control of things.

So, edit your stuff if you have too much. Buy a couple of drawer dividers. And have at it. Here are some photos of my drawers. I think my newer pot-holders were in the wash, and several of my food storage containers were in the freezer, but I took a “come-as-you-are-party” approach to these photos. They’re not bad. And real is good.

This drawer may have been my inspiration for it all. Years ago, when we put new cabinets in the kitchen, I got real live built-in dividers for the silverware drawer. (Previously I had used the plastic unit that you just pop into a drawer, with empty space around it, which collected other stuff). The fact that this drawer has remained organized all these years I think is a testament to how the right organization device will take care of itself. There’s a reason someone coined the phrase, “A place for everything, and everything in it’s place”!


There are four drawers in my “peninsula” which house stuff to set the table:

Place mats


Candles, candle holders, napkin rings and paper napkins. The box that the candles are in a woven box with a lid. Very sweet.


Table cloths


Fabric napkins


The drawers below my main counter are arranged by task.

Baking, grilling and roasting: measuring cups and spoons, rubber spatulas, grilling utensils. Hint: use a heavy rubber-band (like the one found on broccoli in the produce section) to keep the grilling tongs from taking over the whole drawer. This drawer has adjustable dividers from IKEA. (Classy AND inexpensive!)


This drawer is at the stove: Stirring spoons, wooden utensils, flipper, spatulas, etc.


A second drawer at the stove: Hot pads, oven mitts, trivets and matches and stove lighter.


Pie plates and tins, and of course rolling pins.


Food storage. I find this drawer is also a good place to keep empty water bottles for re-use.


If you’ve been inspired, try fixing up even one drawer per weekend. In no time your entire kitchen will be organized!

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