No matter how many fabulous cookbooks there are in the world, it seems the best ideas for that elusive problem called supper come from magazines. I went for years tearing out pages and stuffing them in a fat folder. When I’d look for a recipe it seemed like it was always the one at the bottom, so I’d spend half my precious time looking for it. I tried three-hole punching the pages, but alas the paper is just too thin to hold up to page turns.

One day I took my favorite pages and printed them out on card stock paper. If you are not inclined to spend an evening scanning and printing, drop them off at the copy shop. Once the recipes (one each page) are on the card stock, three-hole punch them and put them in a binder. You can also purchase section dividers for organization. My binder has become the most used book in the kitchen. And of course it expanded to include more than supper. My categories are: Supper, Pasta, Pizza, Side, Soup, Sandwich, Bread, Sweet. But you can choose whatever works for what you have collected.

2 Responses to “IDEA 1: SOLVING SUPPER”

  1. Madelaine Conboy says:

    Dear Bella Pamella,
    What a wonderful way to organize! You just blow me away with your great ideas!
    What magazines do you use to find your delicous recipes?
    Would you ever consider printing some of your favorites?
    Thank you for the great ideas!

  2. BellaPamella says:

    What a great question, Madelaine! One of my very favorite recipe sources is Real Simple Magazine. But I’ve also found recipes in the newspaper, on the internet, on the backs of food labels and even embedded in cookware catalogs that I’ve copied on card stock and hole punched. The beauty is all those different sized scraps go in all nice and neat. And that makes me feel like such a domestic goddess!

    P.S. Look for some favorite BellaPamella recipes in the future.

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