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Pam Mariutto
Founder, BellaPamella
5124 Wentworth Avenue
Minneapolis, Mn 55419
cell: 612.202.6877


Minneapolis, MN---September 27, 2006

Two years ago, Pam Mariutto was a creative director at a major Minneapolis ad agency and the mother of three busy kids. Like most working moms, she often felt like her head was in one place and her heart in another. "I was always longing to be more connected to my home. I wanted my kids to remember me in the kitchen, cooking up some comfort. Not running in from the office exhausted at 7 p.m., which I often was.

Always the visual artist, she decided "if I couldn't be the perfect domestic goddess, at least I'd look the part."

"With all the products available for the cook, you'd think that would be easy." In fact, it was nothing but. Stores were full of "butcher style" aprons, but void of anything that exuded warmth or femininity. Since Mariutto sews, she thought "how hard can it be? I'll make one." But even that proved challenging. She wanted something that had the top to bottom coverage of an old fashioned apron, but with a little style, and a flattering fit. So she researched. And designed. And sewed.

When she was caught in a bout of corporate downsizing, her dream of turning her creations into a business was "put on the front burner, so to speak" becoming BellaPamella® Brand Aprons.

"The more aprons I sewed, the more I realized I wasn't just trying to create a functional, good looking apron, I was trying to recapture the comfort of a simpler time."

But that's not all she captured. "Raising a family while maintaining your sanity requires a sense of humor." Putting on one of her aprons, along with a "Lucy" hair snug, makes you smile a little, even if you're on your way to clean the back hallway."

While Mariutto designed the aprons with motherhood in mind, the appeal is broader than she expected. "I've gotten orders from all over the world, from all age groups." At the Food and Wine Experience in Minneapolis, a twenty-something girl wearing tight jeans and clear stilettos wore her purchase as she promenaded around the show. "A pretty hot momma, I thought."

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