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Pam Mariutto
Founder, BellaPamella
5124 Wentworth Avenue
Minneapolis, Mn 55419
cell: 612.202.6877


Minneapolis, MN--September 25,2006

BellaPamella® Brand Aprons, introduces matching baby bibs! Now with everyone matching, our households can appear as well-run as we wish they were! BellaPamella, a line of nostalgically inspired aprons nudges a few memories, or just makes serving frozen pot pies more fun!

Being a busy mother of three and ad agency creative director, BellaPamella® founder Pam Mariutto decided one day if she couldn't be the perfect domestic goddess she could at least look the part.

Most people can relate to the fact that raising a family--or just being in one&mdash requires a sense of humor. Donning a BellaPamella apron before tackling the spring cleaning just makes it more fun. And it never hurts to have pockets! Add one of the "Lucy Hair Snugs" to tie your hair up with style, and you are off to the races (or laundry). There are also child (or grand-child) aprons for little ones, and bigger sisters.

The appeal has been diverse. The original focus was the working mom type, but the orders have come in from all over the world, all age groups and genders.

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